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Design It Online

Design It Online specializes in small businesses with constantly changing content such as restaurants, real estate agencies, photographers, etc.

Basically, when a customer signs up for the service, they first select from the available templates, enter their content, and then "turn it on" to the public, making updates as needed. There are other companies out there who work on a similar model, but Design It Online sets itself apart by using proprietary technology to construct the templates. This allows for much nicer looking websites than the competition can affordably offer, while keeping the cost extremely low for the customer.

Design It Online was also developed from the ground up to be extremely scalable. The underlying programming is universal across all sites so it is easily maintained by a small staff of core programmers. Additionally, the code is completely isolated from the template design. This means that artists new to Design It Online can begin creating templates immediately without needing any company-specific training.

The artists are paid on 100% commission. This means that the artist gets paid only when a customer selects one of the artist's templates. This gives a powerful financial incentive to the best artists, and provides a natural way of weeding out poor ones, while remaining extremely scalable.

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