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VibeReview is an online retailer specializing in sexual health items, with an emphasis on being female-friendly and providing educational content.

The most common question asked of us is "Why sex toys?" The answer... "Why not?" Besides all of the obvious benefits of the business, it is one of the only things a retailer can sell online and not be dwarfed by Amazon and Wal-Mart.

VibeReview runs with no human intervention at all. The servers handle everything from the purchases, to credit card processing, to sending orders to the warehouse for fulfillment, to sending payments out to affiliates. Having computers doing all the work gives VibeReview extreme scalability coupled with a much lower overhead than most retailers can manage.

In addition to the business side of it, VibeReview provides a service to the community. Founded by a Registered Nurse, VibeReview sends a strong and consistent message of safe sex, and offers a wealth of educational information toward this end. In today's society where STDs are at epidemic proportions, VibeReview is an invaluable resource.

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