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Dimension Logic Works

Dimension Logic Works is a technical consulting firm acting as a one-stop-shop for the IT requirements of almost any small business.

Dimension handles everything from setting up company websites and email to administering servers, phone systems, network connections, and just about everything else a small business is likely to have that's IT related.

Dimension offers an optional program called BizSecure which most of its clients are subscribed to. BizSecure takes a proactive approach to technology problems, fixing them before they start. It works by monitoring many computers simultaneously, and automatically updating anti-virus software and software patches as necessary. Additionally, by monitoring so many computers, it is easy to spot patterns of dangerous traffic and immediately block it from all of the client computers.

Every time a new virus makes the evening news for taking down computers across the country, Dimension's customers are resting easy, assured that their computers will go unaffected.

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